Dr Helen Meese is Head of Healthcare at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. She works on behalf of the Institution’s 115,000 members, managing its programmes on all aspects of health and social care, focusing on medical equipment, pharmaceutical production, innovative healthcare technologies and their impact on both UK and global communities. Through peer reports, public speaking and policy development she engages with clinicians, government and the media to raise the profile of biomedical and mechanical engineering and its contribution to the health and wellbeing sectors.

She is an Electro-Mechanical Power Engineer with over 20 years of experience in both academia and industry. Her academic career was spent at Loughborough University researching turbocharger performance characteristics and developing electrical defence systems for armoured vehicles. Her industrial career was predominantly in the defence industry working for Babcock International and GE Energy, where she managed projects on euro-fighter typhoon, submarine systems and naval vessels.